MoneyPark recommendation - Participation conditions:

MoneyPark gifts a gift of CHF 100 in the form of a shopping voucher for every referral that results in the signing of an advisory agreement (new mortgage purchase or refinancing.

To be eligible for a referral bonus, the following conditions must be met:

Natural persons (corporate clients / legal entities excluded) resident in Switzerland are eligible for the "MoneyPark recommendation bonus". MoneyPark will give the referral bonus of CHF 100 if an advisory agreement is concluded with MoneyPark within the next 3 months.  Payment is made by sending a digital shopping voucher. No cash payment is possible. To receive the referral bonus, the person making the recommendation must also be registered with MoneyPark at the time of the payout. A recommendation is considered successful if it leads to the conclusion of a contract in accordance with the eligibility requirements. In order to receive the reward, the recommendation must be made before the recommended person is registered on MoneyPark. In addition to this reward, the person making the recommendation is not entitled to any remuneration or reimbursement of expenses. In particular, if a contact indicated to MoneyPark cannot be taken into account, there is no entitlement to a reward.

  • The mediated and concluding person must match.
  • Each person can only be referred once.
  • The referred person must explicitly agree to the referral in order for the referring person to be entitled to the commission on completion.
  • The recommending person can make a maximum of 20 recommendations per year.
  • Legal recourse is excluded. VAT is included in the referral bonus.
  • The data protection provisions of Moneypark apply.
  • The person being recommended cannot be an existing MoneyPark customer.

There is no entitlement to the referral bonus in the following cases.

  • The referring person who recommends the address to MoneyPark has not yet reached the age of 18. ​
  • The referring person places him/herself and/or family members living in the same household (e.g. spouse, children, etc.).
  • KNo referral bonus for MoneyPark employees and brokers/intermediaries (and their employees or family members).
  • No referral bonus for partners with a contractual compensation arrangement.
  • Completions that have already taken place and are subsequently reported as recommendations.
  • Employees of MoneyPark and their relatives as well as employees of the agencies/companies commissioned by it are excluded from the promotion.

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