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We are MoneyPark

  • MoneyPark advisor team


    Our advisors are financial experts with extensive experience in the banking and insurance business. They are highly qualified and meet the highest standards when advising you on mortgages and investments.
  • MoneyPark IT Team


    The IT team makes sure our website and advisory platform are always working as intended and pushes the state of the art MoneyPark technology even further.
    MoneyPark management team


    The executive board faces the strategic and operational challenges of MoneyPark. The team has years of in-depth experience in the areas of banking, technology, sales, consulting and marketing.
  • MoneyPark customer service team

    Customer Service

    Our customer service assists you with any questions you may have and in addition conducts preliminary clarifications regarding your property project.
  • MoneyPark PR Team


    The media and PR team is responsible for the communication with various Swiss media outlets. In addition, the team creates useful on- and offline content including the MoneyPark newsletter, blog articles, studies, guides, webinars and videos.
    Partner management MoneyPark

    Partner management

    Our partner management makes sure we offer our customers the widest range of providers in the Swiss market. Other important tasks include quality management and the continuous improvement of processes.
  • MoneyPark marketing team


    The marketing team makes sure MoneyPark is represented in a variety of online and offline media so potential customers can learn about the benefits of the MoneyPark advisory services.
  • MoneyPark Product Team


    The product team makes sure that we offer our customers the best products available. Also, the product team takes care of the continuous optimization of our advisory platform.
    MoneyPark HR Team

    HR & Management Assistant

    The HR team makes sure we recruit only high-quality employees in order to offer our customers the best advisory experience possible. The management assistant supports the executive board in the daily business and is responsible for organizing events.