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Securing your data is our top priority. For this reason, we are taking a number of precautions to ensure that our security level not only meets but, rather, exceeds the highest standards. On this page, you can find out why your data is safe with us.


Due to current News: Protection against Ransomware

How MoneyPark protects itself and your data from cyber-attacks:

  • Applications and data are located in professionally operated, protected and monitored data centers
  • Our computers are regularly updated and equipped with Anti-Malware protection solutions
  • Our employees are regularly informed and trained about cyber-threats and how to deal with them
  • Security measures and rules are documented, including emergency plans and specific guidelines on how to counter cyber-attacks
  • Data is stored in encrypted form, redundantly backed up and protected through access rights which are regularly reviewed
  • Access to critical systems and data is protected by firewalls and multi-factor authentication (e.g. SMS or Authenticator-App)
  • We use specific monitoring solutions in order to detect and alert potential attacks
  • Our internal control system ensures that protection measures are continuously reviewed and optimized

Please also refer to our Data Protection Provisions, especially sections 9 and 10.

Development & Operation

The MoneyPark website and consultancy platform is developed and operated in Switzerland by MoneyPark itself. We run our services in ISO 27001 certified data centers, located in Switzerland, applying industry standard data encryption for transmission and storage.

Schweizer Software

Security Architecture & Principles

Here’s the high-level overview of security measures which have been implemented:

  • ISO 27001 Information Security Management System (ISMS) for data centers
  • Comprehensive monitoring and smart alerting
  • Internal Control Framework
  • Regular awareness training for all employees
  • Industry standard network and change management
  • Professional Malware-Protection
  • Role based access control and regular access reviews
  • Secure application development practices
  • AES256 based encryption for data at rest and in transit

Further information

Below, you can find the links to our privacy policy, imprint and press page, where you can find current media coverage of MoneyPark as well as an overview of our most recent studies.

  • Link to MoneyPark privacy policy: Privacy policy
  • Link to MoneyPark imprint: Imprint
  • Link to MoneyPark press page: Press
  • Frequently asked questions: FAQ

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