Happy with your advisor?

Recommend him to your friends.

For each successful recommendation you will receive a voucher worth CHF 200

(Only valid for customers who have already closed a product via MoneyPark.)

Voucher categories & partners

Home Decoration

Recommendation Home Decoration


Recommendation Restaurants


Recommendation Activities

How does it work?

After you have experienced the MoneyPark advisory service in one of our branches, you are automatically qualified for our referral program. This means that if someone closes a product with us thanks to your recommendation, you are eligible to choose a reward.

How can I choose my reward?

The person who you referred to MoneyPark tells their advisor your name in an advisory meeting. Once the person closes a product via MoneyPark, you’ll automatically receive an email with a link to the rewards website where you can choose your reward.

Which are the different reward categories?

On the rewards website you can choose a reward from the categories Restaurants, Home Decoration or Activities.

Restaurants: We have selected a range of popular restaurants where you can enjoy a wonderful lunch or dinner worth CHF 200.

Home Decoration: Choose your favorite home decoration store from our selection and give your home a new touch with a voucher worth CHF 200.

Activities: Let us know which event (e.g. cinema, theater or a concert) or activity (e.g. a hiking weekend or a day in Alpamare) you would like to attend and we will offer you a voucher worth CHF 200 for your selection.