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Property valuation for sellers

There are many reasons for selling a property: maybe your circumstances have changed, either in regards to private or professional matters, or you already have a new property in prospect you wish to buy. In any case, it is helpful to get an objective impression of the value of your present property, before starting the sales process. Here, a property valuation offers a great opportunity.

Note: You need an even more accurate valuation accepted by banks instead of our indicative online valuation? Our experienced experts will be happy to support you and perform such a valuation for you in a personal consultation.

Three steps to a complimentary online valuation with MoneyPark

MoneyPark offers you the possibility to value your property online with three simple steps – non-binding and free of charge. All you need to do is provide details about the year of construction, living space, recent renovation and the number of rooms and bathrooms. You can find all this data within the sales documentation provided by your estate agent. Start your property valuation now and get immediate results!

MoneyPark offers a completely different method of valuation

Of course, as a seller you are devoted to your private home, because you associate it with many memories and emotions. Such an emotional viewpoint can quickly result in a more optimistic property valuation from your side, which differs from the actual valuation on the marketplace. If you set a selling price that is unrealistically high, you will prevent or, at worst, even hinder a potential sale. Selling the property below value, will result in a less than optimal profit, or worse, you even run the risk of making a loss. So, setting the right price for real estate sales is easier said than done. MoneyPark assists you when selling your property while offering you the possibility to receive an objective valuation of your property with three simple steps. All you need to do is provide details about the year of construction, living space, recent renovation and the number of rooms and bathrooms. You receive a reliable estimate of a realistic sales price in less than five minutes. For additional guidance, you receive an overview of the regional marketplace to show you how many properties have been sold above or below the value of your property. Start your property valuation now and get immediate results! With this reliable price estimate you can now start the actual sales process, regardless of whether you wish to hire a real-estate agent for professional assistance or would rather prefer to put the property on the market on your own.

What are the methods of valuation?

Traditionally, there are three valuation methods, which are suitable for different properties. The comparative method, which also includes the widely used hedonic method, is used by most banks as a basis for property valuation. The hedonic method compares your property to similar objects in your region, using more than 70 criteria to define a realistic price range. In contrast to the more expensive expert estimate, which is a value-based method, the hedonic method is less time-consuming as well more cost-efficient. Finally, the so called capitalized earnings method is used to valuate investment properties. Thereby, the costs as well as the profit possibly achieved with the property are weighed out. All methods have one thing in common: they are relatively complex and might require expert knowledge. MoneyPark takes a different approach to property valuation by using smart technologies and large quantities of data.

How does MoneyPark’s property valuation work?

MoneyPark provides a simple and intuitive online tool, which allows you to estimate the value of your property within a few simple steps. Whether you wish you to sell a property or have an interesting object in prospect and would like to know if the purchasing price is legitimate, or if you just want to know how the value of your property has developed over the course of the past few years or what you would have to pay for your current rental apartment. For all these questions, MoneyPark offers an online platform that is free of charge and easy to use. With just a few clicks you receive a reliable indicator of the value of your property. Start your valuation now. MoneyPark uses a large amount of data on past property transactions in your region, as well as a variety of GIS-data, that reveal if there are shops, kindergartens or public transportation available close to your property. The view of the property as well as the environmental- and noise pollution of the area are also taken into account. All this data is evaluated, weighed out and summarized by our online tool. Not only do we use Big Data, but we also try to recognize patterns and regularities which determine the value of a property, using modern Machine Learning techniques. You don’t need to hire a real-estate agent for the MoneyPark property valuation, nor do you have to pay for it. We offer this service completely free of charge.