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Search, find and buy properties in Switzerland with MoneyPark: whether apartment, house, maisonette, terrace apartment or other properties - on this page you will find an overview of our current properties for sale. To make your property search efficient, you should always first think about what exactly you are looking for. Do I prefer city life, rural tranquility, or do I want to find the best of both worlds in a suburb? How much living space and how many rooms do I need? Do I depend on having access to public transport in the immediate vicinity? It is important not only to consider your personal situation as it stands now, but also to plan for the medium to long term. For example, if an addition to the family is planned soon, the question of the distance to the nearest kindergarten or school will arise in addition to the increased space requirements.


Once you have found your dream property, the next step is to find the optimal financing for the new home. MoneyPark is the largest independent mortgage specialist in Switzerland. With independent and personal advice, we find the best financing solution for you from the offers of over 150 financing partners. Make your personal appointment today for a free initial consultation at one of our more than 20 branches throughout Switzerland and save a lot of money with the right mortgage.