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On the federal level, the owner can deduct the following: necessary maintenance costs on the building, renovation fees for newly acquired buildings, insurance premiums, third-party administration costs and investments in sustainable energy. Maitenance costs generally include all kinds of repairs, painting, tinsmithing, carpentry, heating and sanitary installations, etc.

The deduction of other costs such as the replacement of household appliances (washing machine, oven, refrigerator, etc.), land taxes, garden maintenace, etc. depends on the rules of each canton, each of which has its own list of deductible maintenance costs.

The deduction of actual maintenance and renovations costs is particularly interesting when these costs exceed the fixed amount allowed for maintenance. It is therefore in your best interest to complete all of your works within the same fiscal year. Planning such works is easier in the cantons where you can choose, by fiscal period, between the actual deduction and standard deduction.

The renovation fund, fed by the payments of the co-owners, constitute the reserve to finance the future maintenance costs of the common facilities of a building. All the French-speaking cantons, apart from the canton of Vaud, consider that these payments are deductible maintenance costs, provided that they only serve to finance the maintenance of the common facilities. In the canton of Vaud, it is when the renovation fund is requested to finance maintenance work that the owners can deduct the amount corresponding to the expenses incurred.

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