Properties: everything under one roof with MoneyPark

With MoneyPark, you receive all real estate services from the same place. We support you in searching for and valuing a property right through to buying and selling one. Our experienced specialists will be happy to advise you either in one of our 25 branches across Switzerland or conveniently over the phone. You can find an overview of our services below.


Property search

The MoneyPark property search is the quickest and simplest way to find your dream home. Our reliable database does not just include all properties that can be found on other portals but also listings exclusive to MoneyPark. We get these from our partners before they are advertised to the public. After you have entered the most important search criteria, such as the purchase price or the desired number of rooms, we will regularly send you suitable properties by e-mail.

Extensive information about the surrounding area is available for each property.

  • Noise: The sounds that can be heard around the property are justifiably an important criterion for many interested parties. We show you how loud or quiet it is by day and by night with a specific decibel display and comparison table.
  • View: Here, you will not only find out what the view from the property is like, but you can also get detailed information about the number of hours of sunshine in summer and winter.
  • Emissions: What emissions can you expect? We show you the distance of the property from relevant sources of emissions such as phone masts.
  • Shopping: You can find out whether you can do your shopping quickly on foot, or whether you need some transport, thanks to an overview of the distance of your property from all supermarkets and shopping centres in the area.
  • Family and education: If you are planning a family, it is important to find out what nurseries, schools and playgrounds there are in the vicinity of the property and how far away they are. We provide a clear list for this topic too.

The property search is only available to MoneyPark customers at the moment. If you had a consultation with us yet did not get the property you wanted, you now have the opportunity to quickly and easily find a new property that is just what you are looking for.

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When you have finally found your dream home, MoneyPark’s pre-qualification increases your chance of your offer being accepted. You can generate your personal pre-qualification yourself online. After filling out a simple form with the most important information about your personal circumstances, you will receive a document showing you your purchase price range for a property in your desired region. Bring this document to your next property viewing to give the estate agent or seller an impression of your purchasing power and to emphasise your intention to buy.

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Property valuation

Whether it’s in connection with buying or selling a property or just out of interest: with MoneyPark, you can value a property online quickly, simply and free of charge. Estimating the value of a property can be difficult. We therefore suggest an objective approach to get a realistic idea of the value of a certain property. For valuing properties, MoneyPark uses the latest technologies in the form of big data and machine learning. Unlike with standard valuation methods, we do not just analyse the data available but also identify patterns and general rules so we can provide you with an even more informative assessment.

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Buying a house

Buying your own four walls is a unique project which many Swiss people dream of doing. There are various factors to be taken into account if this dream is to become a reality. You should, for example, have a clear picture of how much space your home must have or how important good public transport links are to you. Being able to finance your dream property in the best possible way also plays an extremely important role, of course. What are the various different mortgage models and what are their features? Our overview page will get you ready for buying a house.

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Selling a house

There are many reasons why people want to sell their house. It could be that their family has grown and their current home is now too small – or it could actually be too big after the children have flown the nest. Before selling a house, there is a fundamental question to consider: do you want to handle the sale yourself and invest a lot of time and energy in this project or get a professional to do it for you? On our overview page, you can find out everything you need to know about selling a property.

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Current mortgage rates

Libor mortgage from 0.60%
Fixed-rate 10 years from 0.80%
Fixed-rate 5 years from 0.59%

The displayed interest rates are the best rates currently available. Your personal interest rates may vary depending on LTV, affordability, mortgage amount and the location of the property.