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About MoneyPark

MoneyPark is an independent financial advisor. We solely focus on advising our clients; we do not have our own products to sell, but offer our customers access to Switzerland's widest range of financial products.

MoneyPark offers you a thorough and comprehensible analysis of financial products in order to find the optimal product for your needs.

We work without product and partner specific compensation schemes (mortgages) and in a pure fee based model where only you, the customer, pays us (investments).

MoneyPark AG is a financial intermediary that is directly subordinated to FINMA (Directly Subordinated Financial Intermediary, DSFI) according to the Anti Money Laundering Act (AMLA), and holds a license as a distributor of collective investment schemes according to the CISA (Collective Investment Schemes Act) of FINMA. MoneyPark AG fulfills the SAAM Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct, and is an active member of the Swiss Association of Asset Managers (SAAM).

Spelling MoneyPark

We spell our brand name with the first letter of both words capped: MoneyPark. Our legal entity is spelled: MoneyPark AG

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