The pre-qualification certificate is the first step towards financing your home. MoneyPark matches your profile against the lending criteria of more than 150 mortgage partners. In case of a match, you will immediately receive a MoneyPark certificate providing the seller with an indicative purchase price range. Use the certificate to support your purchase intent before or at the next viewing with the seller or real estate agent.

How it works:

The pre-qualification certificate is intended to guide customers in the purchase of their dream property.

1. Provide us with information

2. Receive the pre-qualification certificate
3. Bid on the property
4. Get financed through MoneyPark
5. Enjoy your new home

This service is provided by MoneyPark, the largest mortgage broker in Switzerland. MoneyPark offers all the mortgage-related services you need when thinking about buying a home, from market analytics to property valuation to personal, transparent and tax-optimized financing advice. We find the best mortgage rates from over 150 partners and save you thousands of francs each time you make us your mortgage partner of choice. We look forward to supporting you on the way to your dream home and beyond in one of our more than 20 branches throughout Switzerland.


What if I cannot confirm the above statements?

Don’t worry, if any of the above statements do not apply to you, we will gladly review your situation in person at one of our branches.

In-person advice