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When it comes to private pension provisions, the focus is often on the choice of investment and insurance products available. For example, customers often forget to thoroughly consider the capital reference in Pillar 3a. Individuals often underestimate the sheer wealth of options available to them as it’s a committed provision. In this instance, legislature allows for the possibility of advancing or postponing the disbursement of funds. Anyone who wants to make a purchase of services within Pillar 3a can save significant sums when it comes to tax.

Third pillar withdrawal

Pillar 3a and Ordinary Reference

Thanks to fiscal privileges, the state provides several incentives for payments to Pillar 3a, giving this private provision some serious promotion. In this instance, any capital invested and any interest accrued is only available to the account holder come retirement age. Date of payment of an account relating to Pillar 3a can be selected within a 5 year period before and after the statutory retirement age. For further information, use our Pillar 3a calculator.

In addition to ordinary circumstances, exceptional cases are possible where it is possible to prefer the reference of Pillar 3a.

  • Those in self-employment can use funds from tied private provisions as equity. This option only applies to the creation of a single company or a partnership. The reference from Pillar 3a must me made within a single year after the start of self-employment.
  • For the financing of a self-occupied property, the capital of Pillar 3a can be accessed prematurely. The capital is also available to account holders when they have repaid a mortgage loan. In contrast to funds from the second pillar, there is no capital cap here. However, a premature withdrawal from Pillar 3a is only possible possible within 5 years.
  • Anyone who leaves Switzerland to relocate will be able to have all capital disbursed to them.
  • If the person who has paid into Pillar 3a dies, their heirs are entitled to the funds accrued.

Save time and hassle with reference tax

Funds from Pillar 3a are taxable, with both federal and municipality tax to consider. The income from the occupational pension (second pillar) and the private pension (Pillar 3a) are collected and taxed independently from one another. This approach can lead to tax progression and higher rates of interest. Here at MoneyPark, you’ll find detailed information on how Pillar 3a is taxed.

Legislation grants individuals the chance to open up several accounts within Pillar 3a, including accounts opened up across various credit institutions, banks and insurers. Maximum amounts of Pillar 3a remain. However, it’s a worthwhile approach to open up and nurture several accounts in this pillar in order to retrieve income in a staggered manner. This insures the best possible results when it comes to tax savings. A single account cannot be split by the account holder.

Proactive provision for ideal reference from Pillar 3a

MoneyPark is your go-to for detailed insight and advice when it comes to ironing out a retirement plan and life insurance package that works for you. When you sit down and speak with us, we’ll give you the best possible guidance on a retirement plan that’s right for our circumstances, with unrivalled insights into suitable life insurance and financial products within Pillar 3a. When you arrange a consultation with us, you’ll speak to the best in the business, giving you detailed information that’s tailored toward various factors. We consider everything from your place of residence and income level, to your ideal living conditions and life plans in the future. You’ll also get a detailed overview of products for tied private provision, focusing on the most lucrative forms of investment and best tax saving solutions out there.

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