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The pension system in Switzerland is supported by three pillars, known as the 3-pillar principle. The first and second pillars concern compulsory state and occupational pensions. The 3rd pillar covers private provision and offers all taxpayers in Switzerland - in addition to the 1st and 2nd pillars - the option to voluntarily safeguard their living standards. The aim of private retirement provision is to reduce the potential gap in retirement provisions by means of private savings or by acquiring private property. In the third pillar, a distinction is made between tied pensions (pillar 3a) and free pensions (pillar 3b). For the first pension model, we have designed our pillar 3a calculator. This helps you to find out about your possibilities and the advantages of tied pension provision and to make the most of its attractive savings opportunities. By the way: MoneyPark will help you to find the best 3a life insurance for your individual situation.

Säule 3a Rechner

Pillar 3a -tied private provision

Deposits into 3a tied pension provision can be deducted from your taxable income up to the maximum amounts stipulated by the federal government. For this reason, pillar 3a is a very interesting tool for long-term investment. Apart from a number of legally regulated exceptions (such as house purchase or emigration), the capital is tied up to five years before the pensionable age, although you could still use the capital to buy a new car, pay for a trip around the world or the like. Both banks and insurance companies offer 3a pension products.

When and how much you deposit into your pension plan (retirement savings account or bond)is determined by yourself. A pillar 3a payment is possible up to a maximum of five years beyond the retirement age. The maximum exempt amount that can be paid into pillar 3a is adjusted annually. The taxable income is reduced by contributions to the pillar 3a so tax savings can be made in the pillar 3a.

Calculate the private pension: using the pillar 3a calculator

Pillar 3a interest rates vary among providers. Anyone who does some research and compares the out a pillar 3a interest rates on offer can capitalize from significantly higher benefits on reaching retirement age.

In addition, our pillar 3a calculator gives you a first overview of your individual pension in just a few steps. In addition to asset building in pillar 3a (including interest rate/return prospects), you can quickly and easily calculate, for example, the tax savings with a pillar 3a pension plan. In addition to the tax-relevant information on your place of residence and civil status, the number of children, denominational status and the employment contract, you must specify the taxable income and the planned payment per year into pillar 3a (with a view to the maximum amount you can afford). Possible tax savings by staggering the capital cover in several tranches can also be determined with our pillar 3a computer calculator.

For a detailed overview, MoneyPark offers you competent and independent advice as well as a pillar 3a comparison of the selection of 3a savings products. We will discuss with you which form of pillar 3a provision is appropriate for your situation and help you make the right decision.

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