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If you pay into a retirement plan, it’s likely you're looking to receive the greatest possible return on investment. While the statutory and occupational pension provision can hardly exceed the inflation rate, the 3a pillar still offers good prospects for return on investment.

As a rule, however, a higher yield potential is also associated with a higher risk of reducing investment capital. Therefore, investors should never spend their money on exaggerated financial speculations, but rather, carefully and with caution. Long-term oriented investments promise higher returns with simultaneously moderate risks. In order to achieve the greatest possible pension, tax savings potential can be used during the payment phase and the purchase, especially in the case of the restricted provision.

Pension planning

Use surplus

The 3a pillar is intended primarily to close the gap in income resulting from the fact that payments from the first two pillars do not meet the previous level of income. Employees should, therefore, clearly determine which pension capital you want to achieve, at least in order to be able to shape your pension age in accordance with your requirements. Anything higher than this minimum limit can be used for risk-proof investments that can bring a higher return.

The possible investment products for the 3a pillar cover a wide range of investment products on the market. Beneficiaries can invest in classic savings products as well as in bonds, equities or insurance products. There are also products combining classic savings plans with equity funds to choose from. In the process, the beneficiary continually pays for a long-term pension account. Part of the capital is invested in funds that promise higher returns, particularly in the long term.

Pension benefits through fund-linked insurance

Due to the ongoing low-interest rate, the mixed life insurance currently offers only a small return on maturity. Fund-linked life insurance combines classic life insurance with the potentials of the stock market. In this case, a guaranteed capital is generally insured and an overlying credit is formed. This is to invest in funds with better prospects for returns. The insurer continually weighs the investment relationship according to the amounts paid, the price trends and the possible costs.

Reduce tax burden through intelligent precautionary measures

In particular, the 3a pillar offers the opportunity to significantly reduce the tax burden. Amounts that you deposit into an account of the tied pension can be deducted from the taxable income up to a fixed maximum amount. In doing so, legislation is different between those who deposit into the 2nd pillar and those who do not. The second group is subject to a substantially higher maximum amount. The Federal Social Insurance Office restates the limits every year. Here, you can get more information about the 3a pillar and the maximum amount.

Through the intelligent planning of the 3a pillar pension accounts, the tax burden can be reduced during the procurement process, thus increasing the pension. Anyone who opens up multiple accounts in the 3rd pillar can post this in time. This prevents the disbursed amount from being excessively high within one year, which means that the tax burden due to the progression increases disproportionately. Here, you can get detailed information on the payment in the 3a pillar.

MoneyPark advisors will work with you to create a balanced pension plan that keeps you in balance with your return and risk. In doing so, we take account of the private and professional circumstances and show the range of possibilities to create a real pension benefit for you.

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