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      CHF 6'739
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Due to the great variety of pension fund solutions, it’s rather difficult to get an overview on different products and their specific features. A comparison of different pension accounts is still worthwhile when looking for the best pension fund, because the differences between different pension accounts are larger than usually assumed. With the MoneyPark pension fund comparison you can, based on several important criteria, compare every pension account available in Switzerland and thus find out which pension funds best meet your needs. When looking for a suitable pension fund solution, it’s very helpful to have basic knowledge about pension planning in Switzerland. Pillar 3a/3b : restricted pension planning in Switzerland (3a interest and funds accounts) is called pillar 3a, unrestricted pension planning (private account, savings account etc.) is called pillar 3b. Retirement age: in Switzerland, the retirement age is 64 for women and 65 for men. The money deposited can not be withdrawn until five years before the mandatory retirement age is reached, except for some exceptional cases that allow an early distribution of retirement savings. Maximum deposits for the year 2013: the maximum depositable amount for persons with pension funds insurance is CHF 6'739. For persons without pension funds insurance, the maximum amount is 20% of their income or CHF 33'696 at most. By answering a few simple questions, for example if you are employed or self-employed, you allow the MoneyPark pension funds comparison to tailor the search results to your needs. After entering your information, you will be shown the pension accounts that, based on your information, best suit your needs. By clicking the «Learn more» button of one of the top 3 recommendations, you will get an overview of the most important features of the respective account, for example the amount of account management fees, the fee for early distribution of retirement savings or the cancellation period in months. By clicking the «Order now» button, you will again see the most important features of the account and, in addition, you have the possibility to access the required contract for your pension account. More detailed MoneyPark information on pension accounts can be accessed in the Information – Pension accounts section.

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