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If a fixed-rate mortgage is terminated before the end of the term, financial institutions charge a penalty. This penalty depends on the refinancing rate, the margins applicable to the customer, the return on reinvestment by the financial institution and management fees. It is good to know that when a bank grants a mortgage, it borrows from the capital market itself. Then it adds its own margin and this is how the mortgage rate is formed for the customer.

Use the penalty calculator to get an estimate of the possible amount of the penalty payment in case of early termination of the mortgage.

Simply fill in the fields below to get an estimate of the costs.

Mortgage savings calculator

Canceling your mortgage contract early doesn't necessarily mean you'll lose money in the long run. Use our mortgage savings calculator to see how much you can save by switching your financing partner.

How much can you save when it comes to your mortgage? Compare the best MoneyPark rate out of the offers from more than 100 providers with an average rate and you will immediately see your potential savings.

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We compare the offers of more than 100 providers and find the best mortgage together with you. As a result, our customers save on average CHF 2500 per year.


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Save a lot of money with the most favorable mortgage rate

When taking out a new mortgage loan or refinancing an existing property, the money invested usually amounts to hundreds of thousand of Swiss francs, sometimes even more. With such high amounts, even the smallest differences in the proposed interest rate can make a huge difference to the overall cost of your mortgage - you could save thousands of francs a year or not.

With the Mortgage Calculator from MoneyPark, you only need to select your desired type of mortgage (fixed-rate mortgage, LIBOR mortgage or variable-rate mortgage) ) with the appropriate term as well as your prospective mortgage amount, and you can instantly see your potential annual savings. We compare the most favorable MoneyPark interest rate with a guide value.

The comparison of different interest rates, i.e. the search for the cheapest mortgage, is always worthwhile. With the money saved on the mortgage, you could buy great furniture for your new property or finance the necessary renovation work if refinancing. No matter how you decide to use the savings, it's definitely better than spending the money on mortgage costs.

With MoneyPark's mortgage service, you get the most savings out of your mortgage. We compare the best offers from over 90 providers (regional and large banks, insurance companies and pension funds) and will work with you to clearly set out the optimal financing strategy for your personal needs. Our experienced advisors know the mortgage market and the various providers well and will go the extra mile to ensure that you find the most favorable mortgage terms. Request advice now.

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