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How much can you save when it comes to the refinancing of your home? Almost 70% of Swiss property owners pay CHF 2500 too much each year because they don't compare different mortgage offers. Compare the best MoneyPark rate out of the offers from more than 100 providers with your current offer and you will immediately see your potential savings.

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We compare the offers of more than 100 providers and find the best mortgage together with you. As a result, our customers save on average CHF 2500 per year.


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What do you have to consider when refinancing your property?

If the duration of your current mortgage ends within the next 6 months, you can simply switch to a new provider and thus, probably benefit from a more favorable offer. If the remaining term of your current mortgage is 7 to 12 months, a new mortgage can also be concluded taking into account the respective period of notice. In this case, however, a forward surcharge applies, since financial institutions want to hedge against a potential interest rate risk. The comparison of different providers is worthwhile here, since the interest rate surcharge for some financial institutions may be up to 0.5% (one year in advance), whereas in others it is entirely non-existent. If you want to change the provider, although the current credit agreement is still valid for more than 12 months, this can only be done via an early cancellation. However, in this scenario, the financial institution demands a so-called early repayment fee for the early cancellation of the contract. The amount of this penalty is usually relatively high, but it can still be worthwhile depending on the individual situation of the customer.

There is a lot to consider when refinancing or when switching to a new provider, so you should definitely get several offers from different providers and make sure that you do not compare apples with pears, i.e. the mortgage model and the duration should be identical (e.g. 10 year fixed-rate mortgage). Also, make sure to compare the total cost, i.e. the interest cost of the first and second mortgage plus amortization costs. You should also clarify which collaterals are required by the respective financial institution or which collateral you can provide. Note that the interest rates published by banks and insurance companies (e.g. on the website) are only indicative, so be sure to negotiate with your advisor directly to get the best possible interest rate for your refinancing.

MoneyPark advises you fully in refinancing your property. Our experienced advisors know the market best and know what to look for in refinancing. We compare the offers of more than 100 providers, including banks, insurance companies and pension funds and thus, find the best solution for your individual situation with the best interest rates and an optimal financing strategy. We would be glad to welcome you for a personal consultation in one of the more than 25 MoneyPark branches throughout Switzerland. We also offer the possibility for you to refinance your property completely online, free of charge and within 15 minutes. Try it out now.

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