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Unlike a fixed-rate mortgage, a variable-rate mortgage offers much greater flexibility: there is no predefined mortgage term, which means that the mortgage contract can be canceled at any time, provided the mortgage holder complies with any period of notice stipulated in the contract. This can be particularly useful in cases where it is anticipated that a property will soon be sold, or for any other situation in which transitional financing is the most practical solution. Read more about variable mortgages here.

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Mortgage typeInterest rate
Fixed 2 years from0.25 %
Fixed 3 years from0.31 %
Fixed 4 years from0.38 %
Fixed 5 years from0.42 %
Fixed 6 years from0.43 %
Fixed 7 years from0.43 %
Fixed 8 years from0.48 %
Fixed 9 years from0.52 %
Fixed 10 years from0.54 %
Fixed 12 years from0.71 %
Fixed 15 years from0.80 %
Fixed 20 years from1.20 %
Libor 3 months from0.55 %
Libor 6 months from0.65 %
Variable mortgage from2.00 %

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Interest rate of fixed rate mortgages

How banks define interest rates for fixed-rate mortgages

Until autumn 2008, Switzerland’s variable mortgage interest rate was used to set the benchmark for the calculation of property rental rates. As a result, the variable interest rate was subject to a considerable amount of political influence. However, with the introduction of the reference interest rate, the variable mortgage interest rates has become less important, allowing banks greater freedom to set their mortgage interest rates. The composition of variable mortgage interest rates is therefore extremely non-transparent when compared to LIBOR mortgages, and, unlike other mortgage products, does not take the creditworthiness of each client into account. Thus everyone pays exactly the same rate of mortgage interest. Since the decoupling of variable mortgage rates from property rental costs, the variable interest rate has barely changed. As our interest rate development tool shows, the variable mortgage interest rate has remained stable at around 2.7% ever since 2008.

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