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Our mortgage rate history tool shows you the development of mortgage rates for different mortgage models over the past years. The data originates from the Swiss National Bank and a market average we calculated. Calculate the affordability of your mortgage
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With the MoneyPark mortgage rate development tool, you can check the mortgage rate development for fixed-rate mortgages as well as variable-rate mortgages in the past. The data is based on information of the Swiss National Bank and a market average calculated by MoneyPark. As you can learn from the graphic, mortgage rates have never been as low as today in the period observed. This is why at the moment, the financing of property is often less expensive than a tenancy in the long term. Currently, the mortgage rate for a fixed-rate mortgage is at a very low 2.0%, the rate for a variable-rate mortgage is at 2.63%. Since the mortgage rate development cannot be predicted with certainty, it takes more than a simple mortgage comparison of different providers when looking for the optimal mortgage. Before you start comparing the mortgage rates of different providers, you should check your loan-to-value ratio and your affordability, for example with the help of our mortgage calculator. A suitable mortgage strategy that best meets your needs also has to be elaborated. Important factors when defining the best mortgage strategy are, for example, your risk disposition (do you prefer a LIBOR mortgage or do you prefer a fixed rate mortgage with higher budget security?) or if you prefer a tranching. An inappropriate mortgage strategy can cost you tens of thousands of Swiss Francs over the years. This is why the MoneyPark mortgage advice is not limited to the comparison of mortgage rates but defines, together with you, the mortgage strategy that best suits your needs. MoneyPark finds out of Switzerland’s largest mortgage network the right financing partner, the lowest mortgage rates and therefore the best terms available on the market for you. If you are looking for in-person mortgage advice, do not hesitate to call 0800 220 440 to make your personal appointment with one of our mortgage experts in one of our branches. Start benefitting from Switzerland’s most advanced mortgage advice!