Property valuation for home buyers

It is often difficult for non-professionals to objectively estimate the value of a property. You certainly don’t wish to overpay for the property, having to use more of your capital resources than necessary. But if you hesitate for too long because you are unsure if the purchasing price is justified, someone else could possibly snatch away your desired home. A property valuation can help you receive a reliable price indicator for your dream property, making it easier to decide.

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Three steps to a complimentary online evaluation with MoneyPark

MoneyPark offers you the possibility to evaluate your property online with three simple steps – non-binding and free of charge. All you need to do is provide details about the year of construction, living space, recent renovation and the number of rooms and wet cells. You can find all this data within the sales documentation provided by your estate agent. Start your property valuation now and get immediate results!

MoneyPark offers a completely different method of valuation

MoneyPark is using a completely new method for real estate valuation. So far, the so called hedonic rating was the standard approach to valuate a common property. The more expensive expert estimate is used for collector’s picks or luxury housing. Thereby, as already implied by the name, an expert is inspecting your property to evaluate its worth. In addition, the expert is using land certificates, building specifications etc. The expert estimate is, comparatively, a quite demanding process and an on-site inspection is mandatory. But this approach is not always possible, since the on-site inspection of a property requires permission of the previous owner. To valuate investment properties, such as apartment buildings or business properties, the so called capitalized earnings method is used. Thereby, the property’s rate of return, with deduction of all maintenance- and administrative costs, is calculated. MoneyPark’s online evaluation is going one step further, focusing on modern technologies. By connecting the possibilities of big data and machine learning, we can offer you reliable indication, if the purchasing price is legitimate. Different than the previous, computerized methods, we are not only evaluating the present data, but also try to recognize patterns and regularities to acquire new knowledge.

MoneyPark knows the valuation models of the banks

When in need for a property valuation accepted by banks, MoneyPark is your reference. So far, Swiss banks are using very simple, computerized hedonic methods to calculate the maximum amount of lending. Still, the evaluation of the banks can sometimes vary widely. The property valuation is a crucial factor for you as a real estate buyer, since it might determine the amount of the mortgage granted by a financial institution. Since 2014, investments are valued at the lower of purchase price and market value. This comes into account when calculating the lending. If the purchasing price is higher than the estimated value, it means that you as the buyer have to provide more equity capital to buy the property. This is why, as a real estate buyer, you should always take into account different evaluations or hire an independent agent with the valuation and financing of the property. Our experts at MoneyPark know the particular evaluation criteria of the banks. In our around 20 branches in Switzerland we offer reliable valuations that are accepted by the banks.

MoneyPark also assists you in financing your property

MoneyPark assists you with all questions regarding your property. Upon request, we provide a financial confirmation to show you, which properties fit your budget. To get an impression of this procedure, try the MoneyPark purchasing price calculator. Using the financial confirmation provided by MoneyPark, you can go on the hunt for your dream property, while being assured to also get a financial confirmation from one of the financing partners of MoneyPark. In case you have already found your dream property and agreed a purchasing price with the seller, the MoneyPark consultants will assist you with finding the best financing options for you. Because not only can the property valuations of different providers vary widely, but the rates of banks and insurance companies also differ substantially. By comparing the different quotes and conducting professional negotiations, you can easily save thousands of Francs per year.

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