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At the time of purchase

Transfer duty is a tax on the acquisition price that varies between 1% and 3.3% depending on the canton. With this tax, you must also pay the notary service fees as well as any related additional fees and expenses and the basic fees at the land register. This is why we estimate the overall purchasing fees to be between 4% and 5 % of the acquisition price.

The costs of creating a mortgage note, a document which serves as a guarantee to your creditor, also include the costs of registration rights, an amount that will vary from canton to canton. For this tax, you must also add the registration fees at the land register and the notary fees which can also vary.

In all cases, regardless of your situation, your DL MoneyPark consultant will be able to calculate all of these taxes precisely.

The tax on the withdrawal of vested benefits from the 2nd pillar is proportional to the amount withdrawn and to your personal situation. If you are married and you and your spouse withdraw all or some of your capital, the two amounts will be added together to determine the tax rate. If funds are withdrawn from the 3rd pillars, the withdrawal amounts will also be integrated into the calculation.

As an owner

The rental value (for a primary or secondary residence) or the rental income (for an investment property) will be added to your income. However, the mortgage interest, amortisations from the 3rd pillar, and maintenance costs of the property are deductable.

At DL MoneyPark, we are well-recognised for our ability to give quality advice and to systematically find the right balance between tax burden and mortgage interest that allows you to receive the most favourable financing!

Current mortgage rates

The displayed interest rates are the best rates currently available. Your personal interest rates may vary depending on LTV, affordability, mortgage amount and the location of the property.

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