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Welcome to the MoneyPark mortgage comparison! On this page we provide you with an overview over different mortgage products for different terms. Choose the desired mortgage product in the drop down and you will immediately see the lowest rates in the table below. If you need help to decide which financing solution is best for you, our experienced advisors will gladly assist you.

Disclaimer: The displayed interest rates are published by the providers. The displayed interest rates are indicative only, actual interest rates may vary depending on LTV and location of the property. Request advice now!

On this page you find an overview over different mortgage products.

Disclaimer: The displayed interest rates are published by the providers. The displayed interest rates are indicative only, actual interest rates may vary depending on LTV and location of the property.

Mortgage comparison

Interest rate
Extra costs
Annual extra costs compared to the MoneyPark interest rate.
Crédit Agricole next bank
Swiss Life
AXA Deutschschweiz
Bank SLM
Credit Suisse
Hypothekarbank Lenzburg (HBL)
Baloise Bank Swiss
Bank BSU
CHF3'400 Hypothek by ZKB

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Why is a mortgage comparison so important?

What makes an interest rate comparison regarding the bank for a mortgage so important and what should one consider when looking for the right offer and for the right bank? Every year, countless mortgage borrowers pay thousands of francs too much for their mortgage because they do not compare the various offers of other banks beforehand and blindly trust the offer of their own bank. This applies to both new mortgages and refinancing. With a thorough comparison, a lot of money can be saved on the interest rate by choosing another bank, which can then be invested, for example, in furniture for your own home instead of in the loan to finance it.

When comparing mortgages, one should make sure to include the offers of as many providers on the market as possible (banks, insurance companies and pension funds as well as other providers) for the selected term in the comparison in addition to one's own bank. It often happens that potential mortgage borrowers only compare the offers of the best-known banks, if at all. However, those who broaden their comparison and also take into account smaller providers in addition to banks, insurance companies and pension funds in their search for a loan to finance their own property may, in addition to the longed-for move into their own home, ultimately often be pleased about an offer with significantly better conditions.

Before comparing mortgages

Before actually comparing the real estate financing options of different banks, insurance companies and pension funds, one should be clear about which mortgage form with which conditions is best suited for one's own needs and for one's own house. A fixed-rate mortgage, for example, offers budget security and thus the ability to plan, but the interest rate is not as favourable as other loans for financing the same property. However, the longer the term of a fixed-rate mortgage, the higher the interest rate. Saron mortgages usually have a lower interest rate than other mortgages, but there is a risk that the interest rate will rise because, unlike a fixed-rate mortgage, it is not fixed - but it is not quite as cheap. On the other hand, you can also benefit from an offer with even more favourable interest rates if the interest rate continues to fall. When it comes to interest rates, the timing of the financing or refinancing also comes into play: If the interest rate is currently high, it may be more worthwhile to go for a Saron mortgage instead of a fixed-rate mortgage, especially if interest rate forecasts indicate that rates will soon come down. Once you have decided on a mortgage type, you can focus on these criteria when comparing mortgage rates and looking for the right deal.



So comparing mortgage offers from many different providers and getting detailed information from your bank is worthwhile, because it is effectively a lot of money that mortgage borrowers can save with the right loan from the right provider. However, comparing interest rates sounds like a lot of work - and it is. That's why MoneyPark offers as part of its service the largest mortgage comparison in Switzerland with an overview of over 100 providers including the most important major and regional banks as well as insurance companies and pension funds and their offers. This way you can easily find the offer with the most favourable interest rate for your individual situation and for your home. And since optimal financing includes not only the lowest possible interest rate but also a suitable financing strategy, we define this together with you in a personal consultation. Of course, our experienced specialists will answer all your questions on the subject of mortgages and, in the further course, take over the entire processing for your loan with the chosen bank, insurance company or pension fund. Request advice today if you too would like to find the best mortgage quickly, easily and professionally. We look forward to hearing from you! Request advice now.

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