Bridge financing: The flexible solution if you want to buy a new home before selling the old one.

Move into your new home before the old one is sold? With the bridge financing of MoneyPark you sell without any time pressure and enjoy your new favorite place without delay.

We also take over the sale of your previous property and find from over 5000 financially pre-screened prospective buyers the right one.

What is a bridge financing?

Bridge financing is a mortgage for property owners who want to buy a new property without delay. Often this is only possible after the sale of the previous property, as the owners' assets are usually tied to it. With the bridge financing of MoneyPark there is now a flexible solution to exactly this problem.

With a bridge financing you get a mortgage for the entire purchase price of the new property, and without aggravating conditions such as loan-to-value or affordability. This allows you to purchase the new property immediately and take as much time as necessary to sell the old one.

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An example of bridge financing with MoneyPark

Mr. Meier learns at the sports club that the Bachmann family will soon be moving abroad and will therefore be selling their house. He has walked past the Bachmanns' home many times and thinks the property is beautiful. Therefore, he wants to take the opportunity to buy the property from the Bachmanns. But the Bachmanns are moving out soon - now things must happen fast.

Normally, Meier would have to sell his own property first in order to have enough equity to buy the new one. But Meier becomes aware of MoneyPark's bridge financing and is thus one step ahead of other prospective buyers. He buys the house, and when the Bachmanns move to Australia, he moves directly into the new home with his family. He also sells the previous property straight away via MoneyPark, at the best selling price and with minimal effort.

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Sell a property with MoneyPark

With MoneyPark you sell your property at the best price and with minimal effort. At the best price, because we have access to over 5,000 financially qualified prospective buyers who are guaranteed to be able to afford the property. With minimal effort, because your personal advisor accompanies you from initial clarifications to the notary appointment and takes care of all the necessary steps. In addition, we advise you optimally on real estate gains tax and find the best solution for your individual situation.

Your advantages when selling with MoneyPark

  • Sell quickly and at the best price thanks to more than 5000 financially qualified prospective buyers.
  • We advise you on property gains tax and find the best solution for you in one of our around 30 Helvetia locations.
  • All things real estate from a single source: Benefit from a property selling service that is unique in Switzerland, the best interest rate for financing your next home and more.

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