Limited affordability with mortgages

Affordability is a key factor when it comes to granting mortgages, and no country regulates it as strictly as Switzerland. Because of the high affordability demands, many Swiss people (often wrongly) assume that they cannot realise their dream of owning their own four walls due to their insufficient affordability.

What many potential home-owners, in particular, do not know is that the frequently cited maximum affordability value of 33.3 per cent and other criteria are not set in stone and, depending on the provider, there is a lot of scope here.

What does “affordability” actually mean?

Affordability refers to how the ongoing costs of a property and its financing compare with the buyer’s gross household income. These costs include, for example, mortgage interest, any amortisation payments and ancillary costs.

When it comes to the maximum affordability amount, an inaccurate rule of thumb is often cited which states that ongoing costs should not make up more than a third of the buyer’s household income.

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Why the odds are in your favour for getting a mortgage despite having restricted affordability

If you do not meet the affordability criteria based on standard guidelines, this does not mean that you cannot realise your dream of owning your own home. Many mortgage providers offer tailor-made financing solutions for customers who do not completely meet the well-known rule of thumb.

The way affordability is calculated differs from provider to provider. This is especially the case for the imputed interest rate and affordability limits, and they may also make other exceptions when it comes to lending money. Many Swiss people can therefore afford the home they want thanks to the solutions of flexible providers.

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Who benefits from the trend towards more flexible affordability?

More flexible affordability benefits everyone whose life situation so far has meant they do not have the income necessary to finance their dream property with a favourable mortgage. This is relevant, for instance, to families with children, but also professionals who still have some steps ahead of them on the career ladder as well as self-employed workers and pensioners. For all these customer groups, affordability is a crucial factor in the financing of their dream property. An analysis of their personal situation is therefore key.

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With MoneyPark, you benefit from transparent, honest and personal mortgage advice. Our experienced advisers are very well-versed in the lending criteria of our over 100 partners and can find a solution for you even if your affordability does not meet the usual industry levels. We would be happy to analyse your personal situation in an individual consultation so that we can fully address your desires and goals.

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