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Finding a low-risk investment that still offers a decent return has become difficult. The attractiveness of classical forms of saving has been suffering over the past years due to the very low interest rates. Even 10-year Swiss government bonds don't offer noteworthy returns. As a result, investing in income properties has become a popular investment alternative. But income properties, like normal properties, have to be financed and planned in advance. To make sure the margin between the mortgage related interest payments and the returns generated through the rental income is as attractive as possible, it is worthwhile to get the best possible advice.

At MoneyPark we offer independent expert advice to make sure all your individual needs are covered. We find the best mortgage rates of more than 100 Swiss providers for your income property project so your return is as attractive as possible.

Income property

Types of income properties

In order to get a good return on your income property investment, it is important to know the different types of income properties and which factors should be considered. Income properties are usually let to third parties, but sometimes they are also of use for the investor himself. These are the most common types of income properties:

  • Buildings for commercial use
  • Office buildings
  • Multi-family houses
  • Buildings for mixed use

The most important factors for the valuation of the property are the location and the overall standard of the building. In the long term, macroeconomic factors and trends in the real estate industry also have an influence on the value of the property.

Financing an income property

For the owner, the mortgage interest is a crucial consideration. The right financing should be at the forefront of every strategy when it comes to this kind of investment and mortgage terms should be carefully considered and selected. The higher the sum of the mortgage, the more important it is to find the right form of financing. In the case of particularly expensive properties, there are attractive alternatives to the classic fixed-rate mortgage , which usually offer more flexibility regarding amortization and interest costs.

MoneyPark is on hand to provide you with independent advice to allow you to find the right mortgage from the best providers in Switzerland. Get in touch today so we can help you find the right conditions to help you achieve the best long-term returns when it comes to real estate investments.

Current mortgage rates

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Fixed-rate 10 years from 1.18%
Fixed-rate 5 years from 0.69%

The displayed interest rates are the best rates currently available. Your personal interest rates may vary depending on LTV, affordability, mortgage amount and the location of the property.