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If you are planning to build your own home, purchase a property or carry out major renovation measures, you will most likely need a well thought-out financing plan. Fixed-rate mortgages traditionally offer the greatest planning security. The borrower and the mortgage lender agree on a fixed loan amount, a mortgage rate and a fixed term. Once the loan agreement has been signed, changes in the interest rate market no longer have any influence.

The conditions of a fixed-rate mortgage will depend on the general situation of the interest rate market. The term of the mortgage, the amortization rate as well as the income and assets of the borrower also provide important factors for conditions of fixed-rate mortgages. In addition, significant differences result from the different offers of the banks. MoneyPark stands for comprehensive advice that takes into account the mortgage market as well as your individual situation. Our mortgage advice is always independent and individual.

Fixed-rate mortgage

Today’s best MoneyPark rates

Mortgage typeInterest rate
Fixed 2 years from0.25 %
Fixed 3 years from0.31 %
Fixed 4 years from0.38 %
Fixed 5 years from0.42 %
Fixed 6 years from0.43 %
Fixed 7 years from0.43 %
Fixed 8 years from0.48 %
Fixed 9 years from0.52 %
Fixed 10 years from0.54 %
Fixed 12 years from0.71 %
Fixed 15 years from0.80 %
Fixed 20 years from1.20 %
Libor 3 months from0.55 %
Libor 6 months from0.65 %
Variable mortgage from2.00 %

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What should be considered when taking out a fixed-rate mortgage?

The above rates are market averages calculated by MoneyPark. Depending on the duration of the fixed-rate mortgage, the financial situation of the borrower and the bank's terms, the interest rates can vary considerably.

Shorter mortgage terms are usually associated with lower interest rates. Most of the mortgages offered on the market have a duration between 3 and 10 years. However, banks and insurance companies also offer mortgage terms below and above these values. The interest rate of a fixed-rate mortgage is set when signing the loan agreement.

The loan amount depends primarily on the value of the property. The lower value of the market value (bank-internal estimate) and the selling price is used as the basis for the maximum loan amount. Because the property value serves as collateral for the bank, the loan amount of a mortgage does not exceed the current value of the property. In addition, the lending institutions set a buffer between the value of the property and the maximum amount of the loan amount. As a rule, banks and insurance companies finance a maximum of up to 80 percent.

The repayment / amortization period is directly related to the amount of agreed amortization payments and the term of the mortgage. The borrower and the bank agree on an annual amount of amortization payments at the beginning of the term. This amount depends largely on the additional financial burden that borrowers can carry. Depending on each case, banks sometimes allow for limited adjustments to the amortization payments to be able to react to a changed income situation.

When are fixed-rate mortgages the right choice?

Planning security and protection against rising interest rates make fixed-rate mortgages a particularly attractive mortgage model, and so the Swiss mostly use fixed-rate mortgages to finance their own homes. However, a fixed-rate mortgage may not always be the best solution. The long-term fixing of the mortgage can become a disadvantage in the event of changing circumstances, for example work-related changes or a change of residence.

With our independent financial advice, we will show you different options for fixed-rate mortgages, including the significant differences in interest rates and repayment terms. Depending on your situation, we will point out possible alternatives.

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