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Calculate your mortgage quickly & easily now - with the MoneyPark mortgage calculator

With the MoneyPark mortgage calculator you can find out in just a few clicks whether you can finance your dream property in Switzerland.

Use our online mortgage calculator to check whether you meet the financial requirements for obtaining a mortgage from banks, insurance companies or pension funds. In technical terms, these requirements are called loan-to-value and affordability. The loan-to-value ratio usually cannot exceed 80 percent, which means that you have to finance at least 20 percent of the property value with your own funds. However, you may draw on your pension fund assets for half of these 20 percent. Affordability is when you do not have to spend more than 33% of your gross household income on the ongoing costs of the mortgage and the property. The results given in our mortgage calculator are indicative. Your personal advisor looks forward to working with you to determine your specific options. Contact us now !

When you calculate your mortgage, the loan-to-value ratio plays an important role. The loan-to-value ratio provides information on the relationship between the mortgage amount and the property value. The lowest value principle is used to determine the value of the property. This means that the lower end of the estimated value (per property valuation) and the sale price is used. For more detailed information on the calculation method, we recommend this article from our magazine. Normally, the maximum loan-to-value ratio is 80 percent, which means you have to finance 20 percent of the property value with your own funds. Own funds include, for example, savings in your accounts, inheritances, but also securities deposits. You can also make use of your pension fund assets - however, a maximum of 10 percent of the property value can be financed with pension fund assets. You can find further information on our pension calculation page.

Affordability is also a key element in the mortgage calculation. The following rule of thumb applies to affordability. Regular expenses incurred by the purchase of your home should normally not exceed 33 percent of your gross household income. In addition to mortgage interest, these ongoing costs include maintenance and utilities as well as amortization. Since interest rates are historically subject to strong fluctuations (as evidenced by the MoneyPark Tool for the development of mortgage interest rates), the affordability calculation of banks and other financial institutions is based on a imputed mortgage interest rate of 5 percent. Maintenance costs and utilities are estimated at 1% of the property value. You can find further information on affordability on our mortgage calculator page.

How to calculate a mortgage?

The following simple example demonstrates how affordability is calculated:

  • - Property value: CHF 800,000
  • - Own funds: CHF 160,000
  • - Mortgage amount: CHF 640,000

  • - Amount of 2nd mortgage (100% - 20% own funds - 65% 1st mortgage = 15%): CHF 120,000
  • - Annual gross income: CHF 140,000

From this:

  • - Interest: 640,000 * 5% imputed interest rate = CHF 32,000
  • - Amortization: 120,000 / 15 years = CHF 8,000
  • - Utilities: 800,000 * 1% = CHF 8,000
  • = Total cost: CHF 48,000

  • Affordability: 48,000 / 140,000 = 34%
  • When calculating your mortgage, the interest rate but also the duration, in which you amortize the mortgage to 2/3 of the property value, are crucial. The shorter the amortization period, the higher the cost per month and reversely. The MoneyPark mortgage calculator uses the standard Swiss amortization period of 15 years as the basis for calculation. The mortgage must be amortized to two-thirds by retirement age at the latest. You can find more interesting facts about amortization on our amortization calculator page.

    Our online mortgage calculator - the first step towards your home

    The online mortgage calculator is an initial guide and does not replace a consultation with an expert.

    MoneyPark is characterized by the optimal combination of personalized advice and pioneering technology. Our experienced experts work with you to define the best financing strategy. We ensure that you benefit from attractive conditions and long-term protection for your specific needs. Get in touch with us today!

    With MoneyPark, however, you will not only find the best mortgage, but also receive an all-round real estate service, unique in Switzerland. We accompany and advise you from the search and the valuation to the purchase or sale of a property. With the MoneyPark Real estate platform and as a property owner, also have any-time access to current information about your property, such as the development of its value since purchase or the number of potential buyers.

    Calculating your mortgage - summary of the key points:

    • – With the mortgage calculator you can quickly and easily find out if you can afford your dream home
    • – Loan-to-value and affordability are key figures
    • – Die The loan-to-value ratio represents the relationship between the mortgage amount and the property value
    • – Normally, at least 20 percent of the property value must be financed with own funds
    • – The affordability shows the monthly mortgage costs at an imputed interest rate of 5 percent.
    • – Current expenses should not exceed 33 percent of the gross household income
    • – The mortgage calculator only shows guideline values and does not replace a personal consultation
    • – With MoneyPark, you benefit from an all-round real estate service that is unique in Switzerland


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