Amortization calculator

Our amortization calculator is a fast and simple way for you to find out whether you would financially benefit from an amortization of your mortgage or better invest your money in other investment opportunities.

What is the amount of assets that you could use for an amortization of your mortgage?
The interest rate of your mortgage is stated in your mortgage loan agreement.
How much return can you realistically achieve by investing in shares, obligations, fonds or keeping your money in a savings account instead of using it for the amortization of your mortgage?
Please select the canton where you pay your taxes.
Your income bracket defines the calculation of your marginal tax rate. The higher your taxable income, the higher is your marginal tax rate because of progressive taxation and the less attractive it becomes to reduce your debt.
Please indicate whether your are married or single.
Amortization calculator

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As a general rule, an amortization is not worthwhile if the return that you can achieve at the capital markets is higher than your mortgage interest payments. The results of our amortization calculator are a rough estimate only and are based on simplifying assumptions. Our amortization calculator is no substitute for professional, in-person advice.