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3 steps to your mortgage
Taking out a mortgage is always an important decision. Get in-person advice from one of our specialists - we stay on your side through the entire process.
  • 1. Contact us

    Request your personal offers without any obligation by calling us, emailing us or visiting us in one of our branches.

  • 2. Get in-person expert advice

    Together we elaborate your personal financing strategy, compare different offers and discuss the best terms for your mortgage.

  • 3. Close your optimal mortgage deal

    With the support of your advisor, you select the optimal mortgage for your needs and conclude the contract.

Who we are and why we are different
  • We are Switzerland's most modern mortgage advisory service and offer you the best terms available.

    MoneyPark supports customers through advisory on mortgage topics and prepares the complete set of credit files needed for concrete offers. Our mortgage specialists are remunerated partner-independently and in addition have no influence on the ranking of the mortgage products.

    Therefore, MoneyPark can offer free of charge mortgage advice which is free of conflicts of interest, and you as a customer can be sure to have found the optimal mortgage out of Switzerland’s largest mortgage network.


    Why we are different
    Michael Hartmann

    Our Head of Advisory and his team will discuss the results with you in person

  • Our approach: Unbiased mortgage advice in the best interest of the customer.

    MoneyPark provides you convenient access to Switzerland’s largest mortgage network, including insurance companies, pension funds, as well as cantonal, regional and nationwide banks.

    Furthermore, we help you save time, as you will not have to run from provider to provider to compare different offers. Last but not least, our experienced mortgage experts make sure that you choose a mortgage strategy tailored to your needs, thus profiting only from the best terms available on the market. We offer independent advice and our services are free of charge.


    Who we are
    • Our Values

    • Independence
    • Transparency
    • Customer focus
    • Our Offer

    • In-person advice
    • Widest range of products
    • Best terms
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    For the first time I really understand what financial products are all about

    Lea Meier

  • Customer feedback

    ...thank you again for the competent, informative, professional and nice meeting...

    Jürg Hofstetter

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    Tens of thousands of Swiss francs can be saved. It's wothwhile to make use of independent advice.


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    Financial advice 2.0 / Complete independence


Tools and Information
To learn more about mortgages, check out our informative articles and tools. Use our mortgage calculator to help you assess the maximum purchase price of your dream property.
Visit us in one of our branches
Get in-person expert advice in one of our branches. Call today to make your personal appointment and benefit from Switzerland's most advanced mortgage advice.
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The MoneyParkmortgage advice offers you a comprehensive mortgage comparison that helps you identify which mortgage best suits your needs and offers you the highest savings. It is advantageous to know some mortgage terminology and the differences between different mortgage models when defining your optimal mortgage strategy. Our mortgage advice helps you understand the different mortgage models which are called fixed-rate mortgage,LIBOR mortgage and variable-rate mortgage. Fixed-rate mortgages usually have a term of one to ten years and the interest rate is fixed for the duration of the mortgage. Due to the fixed interest rate, the mortgage borrower won’t benefit from falling interest rates, but more importantly, won’t suffer a disadvantage from increased interest rates. In addition, the fixed interest rate provides a high level of budget security for several years. Our mortgage advice considers all of your personal requirements when looking for the optimal mortgage model. The LIBOR mortgage consists of a fixed margin of the bank and the LIBOR interest rate (the rate at which banks lend money to each other in the short term). Since both the margin of the bank and the LIBOR rate are known to the mortgage borrower, the LIBOR mortgage is a very transparent mortgage model. In contrast to a fixed-rate mortgage, the mortgage rates are not fixed, which is why the mortgage borrower can benefit but also suffer a disadvantage from changing market interest rates. Protection against a strong increase of the market interest rate provides a fee-based interest rate ceiling, also known as «cap». Variable-rate mortgages often do not have a fixed term and usually have a cancellation period of three to six months, which is why the variable-rate mortgage is the most flexible of mortgage models. But this flexibility has its price: a variable-rate mortgage is usually the most expensive financing option. For variable-rate mortgages, the bank adjusts the interest rate of the mortgage in line with the interest rate levels on the capital markets. With the MoneyPark mortgage comparison you can check the current mortgage rate development on the mortgage rate history page. However, the process of adjusting the rates isn’t subject to regulated guidelines, which is why the variable-rate mortgage is not considered a transparent mortgage model. Someone looking for a mortgage should also know the expressions loan-to-value ratio and affordability. Loan-to-value ratio is the ratio between the amount of the mortgage and the property value. The ratio between the mortgage borrower’s gross income and the expenditure for the property is called affordability. Use our mortgage calculator to calculate your personal loan-to-value ration and to check if you can afford the respective property. You can find more detailed MoneyPark information about mortgages and our mortgage comparison in the Information – Mortgages section.

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