MoneyPark: experiences, reviews, customer feedback, and criticism

Ensuring an all-round positive customer experience is extremely important to us and we invest a lot in the training and development of our advisors. In this way, we ensure that our services meet the highest quality standards. This is also reflected in the positive feedback and reviews from our customers, which we receive on a regular basis. However, we are also interested in our customers; negative experiences and criticism as this helps us to continuously improve our service offer. If you would like to send us feedback too, we look forward to hearing from you at:

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Here is a selection of reviews from our customers:

Knowledgeable and friendly

  • “Our advisor was very knowledgeable and polite and ultimately arranged the right mortgage for us. We were very satisfied with the service provided.”
  • “Friendly, expert, and comprehensive advice adapted to my personal needs. Because of his experience, my advisor was able to show me a wide range of options that I was not aware of up until that point. Thanks to his knowledgeable advice, I have more financial scope.”
  • “Our advisor gave us expert advice and was extremely friendly. We felt that we were in very good hands with him, both in professional and personal terms. He dealt with all our requests in an exemplary manner and was available to help us at all times. We couldn’t have asked for a better advisor!”

Needs and service oriented

  • “We received great advice and support from our mortgage advisor. The same applies to our pension advisor, who selected and explained the best offer for our pension plans. Our thanks go to the whole MoneyPark team for their SUPER SUPPORT in making our dream a reality.”
  • “I always got the impression that MoneyPark was on my side and was trying to get a good result for me, whereas I always felt this was missing when dealing with banks, so I would definitely recommend MoneyPark to my family and friends.”
  • “We were very satisfied with the advice and the entire service process. Our advisor did everything they could for us.”

Time savings

  • “I received very professional advice and this has saved me having to do a significant amount of the usual ‘leg work’ myself.”
  • Very prompt and easy cooperation. We feel that our situation has been examined critically and the analysis and advice has helped us to conclude an advantageous mortgage.”
  • “We received extremely professional advice. Going to MoneyPark has saved us the hassle of visiting various banks. An all-round positive experience.”


  • “I work in the financial sector myself and, before I went to MoneyPark, I contacted banks directly. Unfortunately, the skills of many bank advisors leave much to be desired. In terms of approach and quality, MoneyPark has excelled itself.”
  • “Very professional, complete, and open advice. Very good and prompt communication. MoneyPark’s fundamental idea is strong: a professional search for the best individual offer in the jungle of the mortgage world. Saves you a lot of work.”
  • “Our MoneyPark advisor gave me an extremely professional impression. Above all, it quickly became clear to me that he was an expert and that he knew the mortgage and real estate market very well. Several discussions with him also showed me that he had my interests at heart.

Efficient and simple

  • “A committed advisor who responded to my requests and questions quickly and efficiently and represented my interests very well when dealing with mortgage providers. Very pleasant to work with, I have no negative criticism, would also recommend MoneyPark to my friends.”
  • “Was completely satisfied with the advice. I didn’t have to worry about anything. It was just easy.”
  • “Very prompt response times and simple interaction.”

MoneyPark – your reliable partner for real estate financing.

With transparent, honest, and personal advice, MoneyPark finds the best financing solution for you from the offers of more than 100 providers. If you would also like to benefit from MoneyPark’s independent mortgage advice, we look forward to receiving your inquiry.

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