How much does advice at MoneyPark cost?

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With MoneyPark, you benefit from transparent, honest and personal advice at a fair price in over 25 branches in all parts of Switzerland. Only we can get you the best mortgage with offers from over from providers – combined with a financing strategy exactly tailored to your individual needs. We take you through the entire financing process and do all the work for you. You can find out everything about our pricing model and which services are available to you on this page.

Advisory costs for first financing and follow-up financing

If you need a mortgage to finance a property for the first time, our advisory service costs CHF 980 including VAT. If, however, you have already financed a property and now require follow-up financing or to increase your mortgage, our advisory services cost CHF 490 – this is a fair price considering that our customers save CHF 2,500 per year on average thanks to low interest rates.

The advisory fee also includes all future services that you make use of at MoneyPark. You can thus finance other properties without additional fees, such as, a holiday apartment, and find the best follow-up financing without a surcharge.

These 15 services are included in our advisory package:

  1. Analysis of your personal situation including a personal risk profile
  2. Hedonic property valuation
  3. Discussion of strategy and creation of a personal financing concept
  4. Analysis and ensuring long-term affordability (or retirement planning – to be agreed separately) through the presentation and arrangement of a solution tailored to the mortgage and your personal circumstances
  5. Preparation of a mortgage proposal based on the indicative market overview
  6. Showing the possible savings potential taking tax aspects into account (MoneyPark does not give tax advice)
  7. Obtaining the extract from the debt enforcement register and land register
  8. Obtaining and negotiating offers from selected mortgage providers
  9. Preparation of the mortgage dossier
  10. Comparison, presentation and forwarding of the accepted offers
  11. Arrangement of the mortgage agreement based on a final accepted offer
  12. Support during the entire term of your mortgage, including any replacements and increases of the mortgage, e.g. for renovations and other purchases regarding the property
  13. Analysis of existing insurance policies or any new insurance offers regarding the property as well as well as presentation and arrangement of suitable solutions
  14. Access to the MoneyPark service hotline
  15. Support with your property search or sale on request

You too can save thousands of francs with affordable property financing

Your own four walls, a holiday apartment or a rental property – it is highly likely that purchasing a property will be one of the biggest investments you will make in your life. Even small differences between mortgage interest rates can therefore determine whether you pay thousands of francs too much over the years – or not. MoneyPark finds the best financing solution for you with offers from over 100 providers and with transparent, honest and personal advice.

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Current mortgage rates

Libor mortgage from 0.55%
Fixed-rate 10 years from 0.72%
Fixed-rate 5 years from 0.53%

The displayed interest rates are the best rates currently available. Your personal interest rates may vary depending on LTV, affordability, mortgage amount and the location of the property.