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MoneyPark’s refinancing platform is the fastest and most convenient way to refinance a property. All you need to do is enter basic information about you and the property that you would like to refinance on the platform and upload the required documents (e.g. copy of your current mortgage contract). The platform offers a comparison of more than 100 mortgage providers and therefore allows you to find the best solution for your specific situation.

Note: Even if one criterion is not fulfilled, you still can use the refinancing platform. In this case, we will contact you to discuss your specific case and to check for possible solutions.

  • No US person
  • No self-employed person
  • Residence permit min. B
  • No diplomatic status
  • No legal person
  • No property under holding lease, rural land law or monument protection
  • No construction financing
  • No financing with joint obligations or guarantees
  • Property is located in Switzerland
  • No financing with usufruct or right of residence
  • No community of heirs

In addition, the usual market criteria apply. This means that your affordability and your loan-to-value ratio should be within certain thresholds. Depending on the provider, additional requirements regarding your person or your financing might have to be fulfilled.

You can renew your mortgage for your main residence and secondary residence for basically any property type (single-family home, apartment). In addition, you can choose the desired type of mortgage (fixed-rate, Libor or variable mortgage).

If you close the offer directly online, you will get the indicated interest rate. If certain requirements are not fulfilled (See: „Which requirements should I fulfill in order to close a mortgage loan online?“) and as a result further clarifications are necessary, the final rate might slightly differ from the initially indicated rate, because the rates change on a daily base.

If you have prepared the documents required for the refinancing and are ready to upload them, the whole online process takes about 15 minutes.

Your request is not binding until you have signed the loan agreement.

No, using the MoneyPark refinancing platform is free of cost.

All data is stored in Switzerland with a 256-bit encryption. Our processes meet the highest security standards. In addition, you have the possibility to increase data security by choosing the SMS authentication option. It can be activated by logging in to your MoneyPark account and then choosing the required option in the „My account settings“ section.

If you encounter technical problems or have questions, you can contact our support team via email ( or phone (044 200 75 97). In addition, you will always have the option to contact one of our specialists directly via the refinancing platform during the online process.

We lighten the workload of our partners with regards to marketing, advice, and execution. Therefore, we receive a percentage of the mortgage amount as a broker commission. This percentage is almost the same for all financing partners. This allows MoneyPark to offer advice that is free of conflicts of interest. We are an independent Swiss financial advisor with focus on transparency, quality and trust.

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