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FAQ on mortgages

Finding the cheapest mortgage can be a tedious and long process, especially when comparing several providers. If all information is correct, MoneyPark can assess your situation, define a strategy, and find you the best mortgage from out of 100 partners in about one week.

The affordability calculation is usually based on several assumptions and serves as an indication for the customer and the mortgage provider. This also means that it is not final, and often new solutions can be found. Contact us and learn more about your options.

Before making binding offers, the mortgage providers need to assess your situation carefully. Therefore, when asking for an accurate mortgage rate, it is necessary to provide all information. However, instead of providing these documents to each provider seperately, MoneyPark collects it once, and gets you binding, accurate offers from more than 100 partners.

MoneyPark mainly focuses on mortgage advisory for private properties; single family-houses and apartments. However, we are able to accommodate special requests by leveraging our extensive partner network. Please feel free to contact us to clarify your possibilities.

When applying a direct amortization, the debt on mortgage is effectively reduced through the amortization payments. The financial situation of the mortgage borrower influences the amount of the amortization payments and the rhythm of repayment. With every repayment, the mortgage borrower decreases his debt on mortgage and consequently his interest charge.
When applying an indirect amortization, the mortgage borrower doesn't make direct payments to the bank. The mortgage borrower instead saves the previously specified amortization charge in a pillar 3a pension account, which he pledges to the bank as a security. Consequently, the mortgage borrower increases his retirement savings, and at the same time benefits from tax privileges on retirement savings.

The different mortgage models are: the fixed-rate mortgage, the LIBOR-mortgage, and the variable-rate mortgage.
To learn more about the different mortgage models, please visit our Information section.

The ratio between the amount of the mortgage and the property value is referred to as the loan-to-value ratio.
Affordability denotes the ratio between the mortgage borrower's gross monthly income, and the implicit expenses of the property.

FAQ on properties

MoneyPark supports you during the whole process - from the search for a buyer for your current property to the entire execution of the sales process and the search for a new property, including financing and pension planning advice tailored to the new property and your needs. We offer you all these steps from one source.
MoneyPark offers you the combination of data-based, innovative technology and personal advice all the way from searching, buying, owning and selling. We not only help you to find your dream property, but also to finance it when you buy it and, in case of a sale, we accompany you through the entire process. During your period of ownership, we will provide you regularly with data-driven information on the value development of your property and provide you with additional financing, property and micro-location data.
Yes, our real estate platform shows all publicly advertised properties as well as additional exclusive objects that our customers are selling.
The platform is currently only available to our customers. If you are already a customer of MoneyPark, you can sign in on the website with your personal login. If not, you are welcome to contact us via e-mail at:

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