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The variety of different credit cards and credit card issuers makes it difficult for the customer to keep track of all the different offerings on the credit card market. With the MoneyPark creditcard comparison, you can compare all credit cards available in Switzerland based on the most important criteria and thereby assess, which creditcard suits your needs best – completely free of charge. Such criteria include annual fees, the foreign exchange rate used or if a credit card is bound to certain requirements. The annual fee is usually low for the first year but is increased for the second year, which is why the MoneyPark creditcard comparison calculates the yearly fees over two years. The foreign exchange rate used depends on the respective credit card issuer, which is why MoneyPark regularly conducts tests with credit cards from all issuers available to find the most attractive offers for you. Furthermore, some creditcards are bound to certain requirements, such as opening an account at the same financial institution or a membership in a club. When considering such bundles, you should always check the costs that may emerge when opening a private account or applying for a membership. These are just some examples of criteria considered by the MoneyPark creditcard comparison. In addition, our search filter allows you to sort the search results with regard to certain criteria such as bonus programs or the status (standard/gold/platinum) of a card. By answering a few simple questions, you allow our creditcard comparison to assess your user behaviour and to adjust the search results accordingly. After entering your information, our tool shows you which creditcard, based on your information, best suits your needs. If you click the «learn more» button below a credit card from your search results, you will be shown a detailed overview of the respective card. If you click the «order now» button, you can see the most important information of the card and you also have the possibility to get to your credit card contract and apply for the card. More detailed MoneyPark information on creditcards are available in the Information – Credit cards section.

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