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0.45 %

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0.79 %

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0.58 %

The displayed interest rates are the best rates currently available. Your personal interest rates may vary depending on LTV, affordability, mortgage amount and the location of the property.

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  • Purchase price calculator
    Get a guideline value for the maximum purchase price of a property based on your gross income and your own funds.
  • Refinancing calculator
    Learn how much you can save when refinancing an existing mortgage.
  • Buy or rent calculator
    Learn whether you can save money by buying a property or if renting an apartment or house makes more sense in your situation.
  • Amortization calculator
    Learn whether an amortization of your mortgage offers a financial benefit.

Get the best mortgage in 3 easy steps

  • 1. Contact us

    After the first contact, your personal advisor reviews your property project.

  • 2. Get advice

    Together we find the optimal financing solution for your dream home.

  • 3. Sign the contract

    We take care of all the paperwork and answer any questions you might have, even after the signing of the contract.

Your benefits with MoneyPark

1. Mortgages from more than 100 providers in one place

Our partners

Allianz Insurance Credit Agricole Helvetia Credit Suisse Bank

... and more than 100 other providers!

2. Best rates

Recently closed mortgage rates:  Thanks to more than CHF 3 billion of brokered mortgage volume, the experience of our mortgage specialists and the good relations with our partners, we manage to offer the best rates available to our customers.

  • Fixed-rate mortgage 5 Years

    CHF 610'000  0.61%

    Single-family house, Basel

  • Libor 3M

    CHF 730'000  0.50%

    Income property, Zurich

  • Fixed-rate mortgage 10 Years

    CHF 730'000  0.69%

    Single-family house, Lausanne

The displayed rates are indicative only

Compared to the offer of their house bank, MoneyPark customers save on average CHF 2500 per year!

3. Independent, in-person advice

We would be happy to advise you in one of our more than 25 branches across Switzerland or conveniently over the phone.

Learn more about why MoneyPark is independent and how we earn our money.  For our advisory services, the valuation of properties and the processing of customer requests we receive similar compensation from each of our financing partners. Provider, term and type of the brokered product do not influence the remuneration of our advisors in any way. This allows us to find the best product for you without any conflicts of interest.

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What our customers say

I am so impressed by your business model that I have even reccomended MoneyPark to friends.

A. Stein, Biel

Free-of-charge property valuation

Free-of-charge property valuation

In the process of our advisory service we provide you with a reliable, free-of-charge valuation of your property. We use the same valuation tools as banks, which means they will accept our valuation and you won't have to do it again.

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Switzerland's most advanced mortgage advice

Switzerland's most advanced mortgage advice

MoneyPark has developed Switzerland’s most technologically advanced advisory platform and refined it to perfection over the years. Thanks to it, our advisors are able to define the optimal mortgage strategy and find the best financing offer with maximum efficiency. Word has spread in the industry: More and more well-known providers are using our platform for their customers.

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